The project will produce results available in the 4 languages of the partnership (EN, FR, HR and IT).

GOAL: help youth workers provide information about sustainability and other environmental challenges to the youth and raise awareness among young people (ages 15-21) on sustainability through the use of a gamified approach (Escape Rooms)          

Trainers material

This will set up the knowledge base that the partnership will build on throughout the project’s duration. The intended target is the creation of a package of information designed for youth workers that will allow them to acquire the right skills and guide them on how to include sustainability in their work.

The trainers material will comprise the following results:

  • A website containing all the resources
  • An interactive guide with informative language that will answer the main questions on sustainability and the fight against waste in consumption
  • Dissemination tools, ready for sharing information with young people
  • A sustainability test with which everyone can evaluate their “level of sustainability”
  • A test “Are you eco-anxious?”. 

Escape Games & Toolbox

The Escape Games will allow participants to get involved in immersive scenarios, in real adventures in which they will become the protagonists responsible for the change. The games will promote scientific citizenship, update young people on the latest knowledge on climate change and sustainability, and promote soft skills and green skills.

The toolbox will contain tools designed to be as inclusive as possible, and specific guidance will also be provided to youth workers so that they can take into account any special needs while implementing or using the material with young people who may have specific learning disorders (SLDs).

Action sheets and good practices

These documents are created to enable young people to take action in their community, learning from good practices already implemented at the community level.

This package will comprise the following results:

  • A database of good practices and information on EU challenges, programs, and actions
  • 13 action sheets presenting paths already tested, focusing on active participation and other components of the local community (other citizens, political bodies, school leaders, other institutions, etc.)

The Save&Game project is co-financed by the ERASMUS+ program of the European Union, and will be implemented from January 2023 to January 2024. This website and the project content reflects the views of the authors, and the European Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.

(Project code: 2022-3-HR01-KA210-YOU-000097125)

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