Save&Game – Being sustainable becomes … a game!

Environmental protection is considered a top priority by young people.

In the most recent surveys conducted by Eurobarometer at the initiative of the EU Parliament, it has emerged precisely how young Europeans consider the environment to be one of the top priorities for public policy in the coming years. In particular, they listed the fight against poverty and inequality (43 per cent of survey participants) as the most critical issue, followed by the fight against climate change and environmental protection (39 per cent of survey participants).

But how many young people in their daily lives know how to implement sustainable behaviours, even giving up small comforts for the actions that need to be taken? How aware are they that “thinking globally and acting locally” can make a difference?

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Save&Game is an Erasmus Plus project designed and implemented by Green Istria (Croatia), Work in Progress (Italy) and Logopsycom (Belgium).

The goal is to provide tools to address these topics with a playful and interactive approach! Specifically, they aim to:

  • raise young people’s awareness of environmental challenges and climate change and demonstrate through play and its dynamics the value of co-responsibility;
  • strengthen the capacity of youth workers to talk to young people about sustainability, to make them protagonists of change;
  • promote scientific citizenship and green skills among youth and youth workers by providing them with interactive tools and knowledge on climate change; thus, preparing tomorrow’s citizens for a world of work increasingly linked to the concept of green, blue and circular economy.

The results of our work will soon be available on

You can already find:

A package of information material designed for youth workers, to allow them to acquire the right skills and facilitate the dissemination of content. In particular, the project is going to provide:

  • a website containing all the resources;
  • an interactive guide with informative language will give clear indications and answer the main questions on sustainability and the fight against waste in consumption.
  • dissemination tools, printable or ready for sharing information to young people (infographics, brochures, and posters, to transmit practical advice and information)
  • sustainability tests which everyone can evaluate their “level of sustainability” and “eco-anxiety”

There will also soon be online:

Games and Tools, in particular:

3 Escape Games focused on sustainability to simulate the positive effects generated by the sum of their virtuous behaviors, on a global level. Two of these can be physically implemented in space. One is digital and will allow you to be played online. Suggestions and explanations are integrated into the games to allow players to learn why waste and inefficiencies are generated by our behaviors, and to relate our choices.

A database of good practices and action sheets

They can help the implementation of solutions and paths already tested, focusing on the active participation of young people but also of other components of the local community. The goal is to trigger virtuous dynamics in local communities starting with young people.

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